2021 Del Norte Alumni Ballet Folklórico Fundraiser

Photo from the 2021 Del Norte Allumni Ballet Folklorico performance.

Señora Elaine Alarid’s Del Norte High School alumni Ballet Folklórico troupe performed September24, 2021 at Del Norte High School’s Performing Arts Center in Albuquerque. The performance, directed by Señora Alarid, was in memory of former Del Norte teacher and administrator Percy Larranaga. It raised over $6,000 for the AlumKnights® Percy Larranaga Drawbridge to Success Scholarship! There was also a special performance by Ballet Xallitic, directed by Cesar Velasquez.

Performers included some 15 Del Norte alumni from years 1989-2019 and ten children ranging in age from two to twelve. They rehearsed many, many hours prior to September 24. Alumni were part of the DNHS Folklórico troupe instructed by long time Spanish teacher Elaine Alarid. The program started as part of Alarid’s Spanish classes. Señora Alarid graduated in West Mesa High School’s first class of 1968. She started teaching at DNHS in 1973 and retired from APS after 34 years of teaching Spanish. The DNHS alumni Ballet Folklórico troupe has entertained across the city and state including at Isotopes Park. Señora Alarid sewed the regional dance costumes and repaired other costumes donated to the ensemble.

We would like to thank the following 2021 Ballet Folklórico Sponsors: Charletta Larranaga, Dr. Gerald McGregor, Judy & Frank Woertz, Williams Injury Law, Steve and Lora Lee Ortiz of Sharp Industries LLC, Roberto Pimentel & Elizabeth Gonzales, and Cabinet Connection. Thanks also go to Friends of Folklorico: Nanci Beckes, Thomas D. Miller, Lenore Pardee, David P. Williams, Phillip & Patricia Snyder, John & Judie Dwyer, Thelma Palmer, Shari Quintana, Joe R. Perea, Nancy Dingess, David Jarosz, Linda Jo Moore, Patricia Marquart, Diane Herrera Shepard, Mario Sarracino, and Debbie Conroy Basset.

A very big thank you to Drama teacher Jon Hagmaier who supervised the Thibert Performing Arts Center (PAC) during two nights of rehearsal and ran the sound, special music, video and lights during the performance. AlumKnights thanks Senora Alarid for recruiting her former students and keeping the Folklorico tradition an important part of DNHS.

Many Photos by Amanda Cordova