Del Norte 50th Anniversary Assembly

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DNHSDedication1965Del Norte 50th Anniversary Assembly

March 18, 2015 8:00 am to 9:30 am
Del Norte Gym

Alumni, former staff and administrators are invited to attend and encouraged to participate, especially with the Staff Band and any staff & alumni who were former athletes and/or would be willing to help carry former championship athletic banners.

Del Norte 50th Anniversary Assembly PROGRAM

Emcee: Heath Weihe

  1. Student musical skit #1: The 60s (Irving Manriquez & students, similar to his “My Girl” skit from Homecoming.)
  2. Fashion show: the 60s (volunteers needed !)
  3. Sports at Del Norte: alumni & staff-who-are-alumni marching around w/ banners, athletic jerseys or letterrman jackets.
  4. DNHS Choir singing “Oh What a Knight” led by Katherine Green
    and the awesome, fantastic DN choir
  5. Video #1 featuring staff alumni – Memories & Reflections
  6. DN Orchestra
  7. Fashion show: the 70s (volunteers needed)
  8. Flash mob ! ALL STAFF & alumni encouraged to COME OUT to the gym floor and mob it up to Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” !
    (or “YMCA” ?)
  9. ROTC performance
  10. Del Norte achievements — our alumni movers & shakers.
    Needed: DN alumni & staff w/ achievements in: DECA, academics, MESA, anything like that — for example, we have some from our Albuquerque business community lined up.) Contact: Angie Wanke or Janet Saiers–,
  11. Guitar performance
  12. Ballet Folklorico – This will be alumni under Senora Alarid’s direction.
  13. Video #2 featuring staff alumni/ Memories & Reflections
  14. Fashion show: the 80s (volunteers needed)
  15. Staff Marching Band: “Livin’ on a Prayer”
    Do any of you play an instrument ? Or used to ? We need you! CONTACT Ms. Todd
  16. Student musical skit #2: The 80s (Irving Manriquez & others)
  17. Staff Band:
    Joel Fouser on DRUMS,
    Liza Gatica on GUITAR,
    who else ?
    (Contact: Joel Fouser –
  18. Fashion show: the 90s (volunteers needed)
  19. Powder Puffs! (Contact: Joel Fouser –