Del Norte Golfer David Medina featured in The Lost Season

Del Norte High School stand out golfer David Medina has been featured in KRQE News High School Sports “The Lost Season”. David has been diagnosed with patella dysplasia in both knees, which required surgery. The condition causes chronic pain, especially when he plays golf. During the fall season of his senior year, David took first place in the APS Invitational, which was the last tournament before the pandemic started. He won the first golf tournament that Del Norte has won in 25 years and had become one of the top golfers in the state.

According to David, “My season getting cut short was extremely sudden and disappointing, but there are bigger and more important things that are happening in the world right now, besides just finishing a senior season. One thing I learned though from this entire situation is that you are not guaranteed any chances in life, so you do have to take advantage of everyone you do get.”