DNHS Xena Gurule’s Artwork Auctioned

Xena Gurule artworkDel Norte Senior Xena Gurule’s artwork was auctioned in the annual APS A is for Art! fundraiser for the APS Education Foundation on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Hotel Albuquerque. Read about it in the Albuquerque Journal story APS A is for Art! event on tap Saturday.
The artwork sold for $1,500!

From Xena:
“My real name is Xena April Anastasia Gabrielle Gaea Diaz – Gurulé but everyone calls me Xena (The Warrior Princess). I am honored to be a featured artist in this year’s A is for Art event. I am a senior at Del Norte High School and I live in Albuquerque. I am inspired by everything and everyone around me and by their influences I have managed to become who I am today. What specifically influenced me to create this piece was the culture of New Mexico. The blue door was similar to a talisman, that would protect the household from evil spirits. I always found superstitions fascinating and this was my way of recognizing and visualizing the beauty that came with the superstition. My art classes are so important to me because I never would have even considered being an artist if I hadn’t taken the class. Art has also connected me with other awesome artists and opportunities. I am very fortunate to have Ms. Turman as my teacher and she has taught me so different styles of art that helped me create my own style. My future goals are: To graduate, go to college, become geologist and an artist, become famous, and the rest of my life is to be decided when I get there. I will definitely continue art throughout my life and hopefully that my art will transcend generations like many of the well known artist that still inspire people today.”
— Xena Gurule

For more information, visit  APS Education Foundation A is for Art!
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